Guidance at a glance 

I am previleged to be a part of "UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE INSTITUTE (PVT) LTD, since its inception in 2007.

UGI was started as DHI (Dharul Hikma Institute) as a Tuition Centre. Over the years, it has specialized in Teacher Training and now diversified into allied professional courses. 

Sithy Faiza Samsudeen 



Universal Guidance Institute specializes in Teacher Training segment since 2007. They equip Teachers with necessary knowledge and skills as well as inculcate them in continuing Educational mindset to become successful Teachers.  Mr. A.W.M.Akram, the Managing Director and also the senior Lecturer emphasises on all Guidians to become extra ordinary teachers. His lecturing & training has a passion which atrracts any one. 

Mr. Akram, he is the architect behind the whole structure. It is guranteed that your tenure for some programme at UGI will not go waste.

I wish all success in their restructured instituitonal plans. 

Prof. (Dr) U.S Sharan Shrivastav

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Finance, Banaras Hindu University, U.P. (1989)

Post Graduate in Economics, Allahabad University, U.P. (1982)

M.B.A. in International Trade, G. J. U   Sc. & Tech., Haryana. (2002)   

What our students say about Diploma in Montessori - AMI Method. 

I learned so much valuable knowledge by being a part of Universal Guidance Institute. I have never completed such a great course like this before. I cannot express how great the lecturers trained us. I would always thank Ma'am Husna & Akram Sir for giving me the confidence to dream big. I am lucky to be blessed by being a students of Universal Guidance Institute. I would definitely recommend the AMI course at this Institute to others as well to follow at Universal Guidance Institute, becuase they provide the best of best and open gateway of success in our lives. 

Shahana Zulfikar 

Diploma in Montessori - AMI Method 

Beruwala Campus 

Respected Sir, 

I would like to thank you and Husna ma'am for introducing this wonderful AMI Montessori course to us.. I have learned many new things throughout this course. This course has showed me many different ideas and how to face challenges confidently. Most of all I loved Child Psychology class the most because I learnt many new things which is useful to everyone, not only for teachers but also for future mothers.. I would like to recommend this course to any one who wants their child to be a successful individual and an amazing citizen with a best personality and a strong mentality.. Once again Thank You so much Sir and Madam for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do this course and travel with Universal Guidance Institute...

Reeha Aslam

Teacher at Wisdom International College

Chinafort, Beruwala.

What our students say about Diploma in Teacher Education.  

I have completed my diploma in teacher education at dharul hikma institute which is now Guidance Institute. It has been a wonderful path for me. I have learned the main subjects what a teacher need. My favourite subject is school organization. By joining dharul hikma following their course or by doing the training I learnt a lot from them. It was a turning point for me. I was trained to look after the kids in a psychological term. I was given freedom to implement what I have learnt through my studies. Thank u dharul hikma for given me the opportunity.


Nuskiya Nizam

Diploma in Teacher Education.

Kolonnawa Centre

What our students say about Higher Diploma in Educational Management