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Diploma in Montessori - A. M. I Method

One of the most recognized Pre School curriculum innovated by Dr. Maria Montessori. Her philosophy was to educate the normal and abnormal children at their growing age from 2 1/2 to 5 years. A child studying under the A.M.I Montessori system will stand very much ahead of other children when he/she reaches 5 to 6 years. Therefore there is a huge demand for teachers with A.M.I qualification and experience within Sri Lanka and Abroad specially Middle Eastern countries.  The AMI method is a specialized education technique.

Diploma in Teacher Education

Diploma in Teacher Education course is to prepare a more able, efficient, internationally oriented, skilled teaching force and to equip teachers with necessary knowledge and skills as well as inculcate continuing education mindset. 


Comprehensive development of understanding of the psychological theories, principles and concepts of teaching and learning.

  • Becoming a qualified and trained teacher within a short time.
  • Embrace, practice and advocate best educational system that maximizes the teacher satisfaction and the students learning success.
  • Stand a chance for selection at interviews with a world recognized course to have a sizable income.
  • Guidance Campus has strategically introduced this course to fulfill the demand for Primary and Secondary Teachers. 

Higher Diploma in Educational Management

A unique qualification to become a Head of a School.  Well structured to international university standards with top up option to Post Graduation. 

The course enhances ones aspiration of having substantail tools to effectively & sucessfully manage a school. The 9 Key strategic elements to produce and nurture the principal is not just comparable with a similar programme making this course probably the one and only course at Guidance Campus.