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Welcome to Universal Guidance Institute (Pvt) Ltd.

Universal Guidance Institute started in 2007. From the inception through to where we are now, We are a careers-led institute, dedicated to support our students to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Over the years the Universal Guidance Institute has been developing and starting to implement new strategies, to transform our curriculum, pedagogy, research impact and partnerships to make a positive difference to students, graduates and community success.

Our ambitious but achievable goal is to become the leading careers-focused, enterprising institute in Sri Lanka, one which both prepares our students for the jobs of the future and provides the innovation to drive that future sustainably and inclusively.

Our History

We work with global organizations to make our courses entrepreneurial, creative and inspirational. Wherever our students want to work – in teaching, management, training, lecturing, in the private sector – they will have the skills necessary to adapt to the world of tomorrow, and to be the leaders and pioneers of today.

More and more, employers are seeking workers who possess skills such as emotional intelligence and creativity, the ability to think critically and undertake complex problem solving. That’s why we’ve put these skills at the heart of every one of our diploma / higher dipoma / degrees, counting towards students’ final qualification. As evidence of these achievements we give our students a career passport that’ll open doors.





Commenced as an Instiute to research & develop strategies for development of private English Medium schools in Sri Lanka. It was a humble begining focused on our own school but it had a natural requirement to expand beyond boundaries.

Commenced the Teacher Training faculty. It was one of the main requirement for the private schools due to improper flow of qualified and trained teaches. We started with Montessori course under A.M.I method. 

Commenced Teacher Training programmes for Primary & Secondary level schools.  These courses were structured to suit for senior teachers and school heads.

Affilaited with foriegn universities for students placements and also to operate their courses in Sri Lanka





Teachers qualified.



Skills trained.   



Academic guidanc.

Our Staff


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Prof. Srivastav.

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